Q&A from #SocialMedia

Hello guys!

So a few days back I asked on my social medias to ask away questions so I can record a Q&A video for my Youtube Channel. Me being the lazy blob, I still have not done it, yet I didn’t want to let those who actually took time to ask waste their time there for thought to blog instead. Thanks to everyone who did ask and sorry for not answering any, am trying my best to answer as many as possible.

(Currently listening to Bombay Jayashree playlist) ๐Ÿ™‚


@diviis_66 : What Inspired you to start doing Youtube Videos?

To be honestI created my very first channel good in 2009, And the type on content I was uploading was dance videos and mini song covers just for the fun of it. But then I lost the touch. In 2012 I created another account which is Aishu B which is my current Channel and I started vlogging and uploading Tag videos. I really enjoy recording and editing, whether people watch them or not is another thing. I find it very therapeutic. I also find it as a challenge and I love looking back at my videos its like watching through a memory lane. So ye, there isn’t an actual person who inspired me to start, other then I just wanted to try and just love it really.


@_maanusha: If you had to choose a name for a girl what would it be. Can you do a Tamil nae and then a English name. ย 

I think I have mentioned about picking baby names in one of my tag videos but anyways so if its an English girl name then I would pick the name “June” and the name ”Elavarasi” for a Tamil girl name ๐Ÿ™‚


@shaminikanthan: What inspired you to act?

I have always been interested in movies from a very young age. My parents took me to the cinemas at the age of 3 to watch Baasha by Rajinikanth so I guess that answers why I have so much love for him. But ye, I have been always watching a lot of movies from such a very young age, and growing up as the only child I had to find a way to entertain myself lol I used to dress up as a character from a movie and pretend am the actual character and try my best to actual be the character. My mother knew I had great love for acting and I persuaded her to take me for an audition for an Acting school in London and surprisingly I got through! In high school I took drama GCSE’s and it was one of the subjects that actually wanted me to go into school.

But my Dad was never a huge fan, he wasn’t happy on me taking Drama or acting as a career choice, worried I might not get in or stop me from getting married like major Tamil parents, even though it broke my heart I had to put it all to the side, bare in mind at this time period there was no such thing as social media other than Bebo, Hi5 and MSN. moving on time my career choice changed however with Social Media I was able to share Musically and Dubsmash’s which triggered my heart to try out acting again, where I have been getting great feedback and supportive comments which has wanted me to try out auditioning so ye here I am today as an aspired Actor.


@musicqmuse: Unge dubsmash lam semma if you get a chance to act in a movie would you act?

I would love to and I have been asked to act several times in Kollywood. But it all falls under what character role and the story line of the movie.


@mycafe101: When did you start dancing and how did you start? Did you go to any classes?ย 

I have always been the type to dance in front of the tv and in my room from a very young age ๐Ÿ˜€

I professionally started learning Bharathanatyam from Smt. Shanthi Thayaparam from 2001. No I have not done my arrangetram. The reason why I haven’t done it yet, is purely because I didn’t want to rush it, and I have actually decided to start rehearsals with my teacher to work towards my arrangetram. Which will be a lot of hard work.

I started learning Bollywood and Street/ Hip hop in College (2009) which helped me open my eyes to a variety of other styles, which gave me the first opportunity to choreography Kings of Gaana for Queen Mary University. And to be honest that was my first step which has later made me travel and perform around Europe and also got to collaborate and meet many great dancers across the world ๐Ÿ™‚


Okay guys that’ all for now hope you guys enjoyed this little Q&A session where I got to answer some of your questions.


Lots of Love Banuย โ™ฅ


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