Sorry not sorry..

It has been a while hasnt it since I have been on here. To be honest it’s lack of motivation and pure laziness, no need to make up excuses. 

I have been all over emotionally, and lets say physically too. 

I’ll talk through the physical part in another post. For now thought I’ll share whats really been bugging me on my mind. 


Yep that’s right. I kept a list of things lets say a “life to do list”, certain things I wanted to get done by 25 and now that I am few months away I feel disappointed that I am no where near them goals. Its not fair to be disappointed in myself nor push myself too much, but who else can I blame. Walked through so much in life some things that I can openly talk about to things I don’t want to even bring to front of my mind. Am I happy where I am now yes! Would I have expected to be where I am after taking certain paths, nope; not a chance. All I know is No matter how many times I fall or people push me down a huge mountain, I learned how to climb back up and I know this might sound ever so confusing or let alone random. But it made a lot of sense to me. To keep going. 
Good night X 


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