10 things you didn’t know about me

Hey guys came across this cool tag online, and wanted to get on my pc and share with you all 10 things you didn’t know about me. Enjoy!


  1. I used to suck on my two middle fingers from the day I was born till 16. My mum used to try everything to make me stop the habit. From wrapping my fingers in sellotape to putting chili powder and horrible oils on my hands, but nothing really worked. Until I started getting acrylic nails. You are probably wondering how right. like this:
  2. I have a huge family, and no I am not even exaggerating. I have over 24 aunts an uncles from both my mum and dad’s side. Yes they have that many siblings so you can imagine how many first cousins I have 😀 Hence why my mum stopped trying for more babies after having me, because she grew up in a huge family. To be honest I don’t feel lonely since I always have family over.
  3. Those around me know that I talk to myself a lot. I mean A lot. I legit have a full on conversation with myself, especially when I clean my house.
  4. I like squished avocado with milk and sugar, its a very strange taste but I like it. I can’t stand avocados any other ways. Avocado Milkshake
  5. Everyone from my mum side are very loud. They sit down and worry sometimes feeling sorry for my future husband and his family 😀 But my dad’s side is the opposite, they are all very quite, well most of them anyway.
  6. I have been planning my wedding from outfit, and wedding decor from 2015. Nope, I am not engaged nor do I have a boyfriend lol. Lets just say I have been obsessed with weddings from a very young age. My whole family always been supportive about gets excited with my marriage which no where near time haha.
  7. Even though I love food, I don’t like ordering new dishes when I go out to eat, in case I don’t like it. I know that sucks. But I tend to try making different dishes at home, I guess this makes up for it.
  8. I dance at home everyday. whether its font of the mirror or in the bathroom, not a day without dancing.
  9. I don’t trust anyone fully. Family, friend or stranger. No one I trust fully other than myself. I used to be the opposite, but I guess you learn from your mistakes.
  10. I have gone through a lot from a very young age, moving country to country was not easy. Learning three different languages one after the other. New friends to no friends. From break ups to makeups. Through dark times and good times. biggest lesson learned was to Love myself and believe in myself. and that’s one thing I preach to everyone. To believe in yourself.


xXLove Banu Xx

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Sorry not sorry..

It has been a while hasnt it since I have been on here. To be honest it’s lack of motivation and pure laziness, no need to make up excuses. 

I have been all over emotionally, and lets say physically too. 

I’ll talk through the physical part in another post. For now thought I’ll share whats really been bugging me on my mind. 


Yep that’s right. I kept a list of things lets say a “life to do list”, certain things I wanted to get done by 25 and now that I am few months away I feel disappointed that I am no where near them goals. Its not fair to be disappointed in myself nor push myself too much, but who else can I blame. Walked through so much in life some things that I can openly talk about to things I don’t want to even bring to front of my mind. Am I happy where I am now yes! Would I have expected to be where I am after taking certain paths, nope; not a chance. All I know is No matter how many times I fall or people push me down a huge mountain, I learned how to climb back up and I know this might sound ever so confusing or let alone random. But it made a lot of sense to me. To keep going. 
Good night X