September haul (makeup) πŸ’„πŸ’‹ part one

This month I have been splashing a tiny winy bit more than I usually would. Ended up getting few unnecessary products as well as some new favs. 

I love my spices in general but this morocon spice and soft lily spray from Superdrugs is BOMB! Such a bargain as well, which makes it great. It was under a Β£1! And  for it’s price usual deodorants would fade in couple of hours, unlike this one would actually last longer surprisingly. 

This super sizes ultra bronzer by Makeup Revolution, turned out much darker than I expected by looking at the packaging. I guess I’ll have to just put it in my makeup kit, since its too dark for me. I love the texture, its a shame its not my shade. Love the packaging, simple. It has a light scent to it as well. 

MUA: luxe shade Blaze 

Since the metalic lip kits are in trend. I wanted to know what the whole hype was about. I came across this hot redish burgundy metalic lipgloss. Love the pigmentation. I had it on a whole night only had to top up the middle of my lips other than that it was great. 


I tend to purchase alot of dark lipwear but don’t actually wear it out, always have this gut feeling “is it too dark” but alot of my snappers have been complimenting on dark makeup looks i have previously created and makes me think outside the box maybe it’s ok. 

I personally am in love with matte lipstick, I think they are hot, easy to wear all day. The purple tonne to kiki lipstick is great in pictures. It doesnt show much in real life, however a great velvety finishing touch. 

I have plenty more purchase from this month. I shall try and post a part 2 later soon.


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