Dance till you drop they say..

And like the title says we danced till our on fleek makeup somehow turned to Shrek lookalike. It was only last night Gurpreet and I realised how not so often we go out. After the Dj spinning the second track we were out of breath as if we ran 6 laps! The place we went to was called Bar Rumba in Piccadily Circus and it was a pretty decent place and wouldn’t mind going there again. The drinks were affordable and so was the entry, well it would of have been free if you go in before 11pm but we only got there around 11:30pm so tickets were £10 per person. 

We came across many international travellers. A canadian guy at the first and then two Americans who stuck by till the end. 

We planned to go to this place since we hate the music in most places these days, they hardly ever play real 90’s oldschool music and I only listen to oldschool tracks. Gurpreet actually found this place online and it stated on their page pure oldchool music, well they did play most bate 90’s as well as new tracks of the chart. 

My feet were killining by the end of the night! And promised myself no more heels! Seriously kills yours feet, well mine anyway. I seriously don’t get how girls can dance in heels and so often! They need a round of applause. 

The staffs at the bar and bouncers/ security had such positive energy and super nice ☺️

We somehow stopped by the casino but walked out since we were craving McDonalds. 

Am getting the hang of blogging again, and alot of my snapers and Instagramers have been requesting me to blog more often in various topics and even asking me to vlog on youtube🤔 let me know on what you want to see me vlog or blog about 🙂 
Till text time 💋


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