Sun saathya 🎶


Henna (marudani) 

Lately I have been doing henna body art on my self and others, and loving the whole black henna vibe. Now I know some people have  been messaging me as soon I posted on instagram/ snapchat wearing black henna, warning me how its not good nor is it safe to use black henna. And Agree there are black henna out there which aren’t safe, ingredients used to stain your skin and all. I fid do my research before buying the black henna and got the dye only with out any harmful chemicals. 

Few weeks into practice I got the opportunity to do a last minute call for a henna night to do the guests henna. Not only was it a paid work, it was great opportunity for me to try out different designs and managed to do over 10 pairs od hamds under 3 and half hours. Not bad right? 

Here are some pictures of some of the henna designs I have done on myself and others.