Kings of Gaana 2014

Its the third year in a row that I have taken part in one of the biggest uni shows in London.

Meet the Team *QM*

Not going to lie at first I was ment to be a choreo for Kings with Theepi, but due to some difficulties sendimg the audition tapes I ended up performing for QM. There were ups and down moments, but hey which show doesn’t.

It was fun choreoing the girls routine and the couples routine💃 I dont regret at all choosing to perform as a guy. It was defo a new experiemce and the comments I kept getting was worth it all! 😁😎😊 I am more than happy with the comments that I got with our group from the judges, the costumes were on point and our expressions was mad.

Well dome team Cambridge for once again winning.

This time next year I will defo be at the show, but watching it.

What next.. Blas 2015! | REHAB |


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