My top 5 favourite Tamil movies

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I am huge fan of movies in general whether its English or Tamil, Telugu, you name it. But nothing beats a good Tamil Movie. When it comes to genre I love a good horror/thriller movie but its a shame Kollywood industry has still not come up to the Hollywood standard when it comes to Scary movies, its more likely to be funny and would fit under “comedy”.

The key things I usually go for in movies in general are the characteristics being played by an individual, the message being passed on to the audience, the choreography used in songs and mainly the choice of outfit whether its during the movie plot or songs.

In no particular order hers a bunch of movies I can never get bored of no matter how many times I watch them. It takes a lot of hard work as a team to bring a story to life so hates to all movie artists who work in front and behind the camera. and I know ones favorite might not be ones cup of tea. But hey am sure someone out there must have same feelings as me towards these movies. And if you have never come across any of this then I highly recommend you to watch them 🙂

Bajirao Mastani

Why is this even on top of my list? is it because I have watched this over 3 times in the last 4 months? Maybe. I posted a post on Instagram about my thoughts, lets say a little review on this movie the first time I watched it. And lets say not everyone felt the way I did. In my opinion this movie touched me emotionally; was it the scene where Mastani took the knife in symbol for love from Bajirao or was it the time Mastani showed women power being a leading soldier;fighting in the combats along men. Or was it the scene when she tells Bajirao she is carrying his child under the Moon.Related image

I get the fact what Bajirao did to Kashibai was a betrayal. But we need to bare in mind this movie was not taken from this century. And back in the day it was hard to find a guy who will stick to just one women especially coming from a Royal Background. And the way the director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, showed the characteristics of each character was beyond amazing.

Can we take a minute to just look at the outfits. I fell in L O V E!  Not only has the designer Anju Modi had to design something for each character to bring the individuals detailing out to the audience, Anju bought us all back to the period of the history through the outfits.

The music and choreography was spot on. and I must say my ultimate favorite were Thindaadi Pogiren and Bodai Nirat. Still to this day I get goosebumps every time these tracks get played.

And as you have probably guessed out of the 2 pairs in the movie my favorite was definitely Bajirao and Mastani 🙂


Kamal Hassan and Manisha Koirala in a action, crime thriller movie. I loved the plot. There were some bits which did seem a bit OTT, where the Indian Tata took everything in his hands and started to kill. But the message was very powerful, where he did not think twice to kill his own blood son to stop bribing and wrong to happen to the Land he worked hard to get Independence for.

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The way SFX makeup was used at that time period was amazing! Could I think of anyone else who could of have played Kamal’s role the way he did or even better? I doubt it.

The second lead female Sapna was a very cheesy , cute innocent character almost a genelia type character attracted me more then Ishwarya played by Manisha Koirala. The humor of comedy was hilarious from Goundamany Sir and Senthil, especially scene where Goundamany Sir puts pins in His superior Officer Senthils Tea. Ahh never gets old.

The music from this music is still on my top played list. I guess that says it all. My ultimate favorite though has to be Kappal Yeri Poyatchu.

Over all a good movie I enjoy watching once in a while with the whole family.

Image result for kannathil muthamittalKannathil Muthamithal

My favorite onscreen couple, Simran and Madhavan. Such a good “jodi porutham”. Funny story I didn’t even know the child actor played in the movie was Parthiban Sir’s daughter. No wonder where she gets it from; her parents, the acting genes. The story felt relate able, not the adopting part of course but the Eelam struggle of people moving out the country to survive. There are many directors coming with similar stories at this time, but let say a good ten years back, not many risked on taking on board such stories. So hats of to Mani Ratnam for Directing such class movie.

The songs, the classic Kannathil Muthamittal. One of my all time favourite Mother and daughter song. Not surprised that this movie has won the
“National Films Award for Best Lyrics” along many other Awards.  the long Drape of Saree used in the open space of the Sea with just the Mother and daughter was so beautiful, plain and simple saree, the use of wind, just pure simplicity, something you can never forget.

And the second song that I love; Vidai Kodu Engal. Its a shame the man with such bold voice is no longer with us, but his songs will live on.


Is it because Anushka is the lead hearoine or is it the chemistry both Vikram and Anoushka shared on screen. The bgm, music, scenery everything is so beautiful. The song “oru padi kadavu” is so addictive! am telling yall! Lakshmi Rai looks way different now to how she looked in this movie for sure. I wish they had someone else to play Amy Jacksons role though, it seems as if she wasn’t putting of an effort to the role. Image result for thandavam stills

Its nice that  Director Vijay shows that arrange marriage doesn’t mean you can love, the whole cycle of marriage to becoming friends and then falling in love. Its different, and different is good.  I haven’t always been a Vikram fan, but gradually growing my love for this man. Not everyone can take on the roles he has been playing whether its Anniyan, I, Raavanan or Iru mugan and the list can go on. A movie I can enjoy watching on my own with a cup of hot chocolate 🙂


Satham Podathey 

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Most kids born in 2000’s would probably not even of have heard nor watched this movie, but you really should. Its a psychological thriller movie, by far one of my favourite thriller movie along 13B which is Madavans movie 😉

I don’t want to give too much away but its about the trust issues a husband who is an ex alcoholic gets with his newly wed wife. And kidnaps her after their divorce! seriously guys you should watch it. for all the music lovers out there, a song called “pesugiraen” is such a soothing and nice song that you would fall in love with 🙂 Great job Yuvan with the bgm and music.

I think this is the first movie of Prithviraj I watched and he still looks the same, I swear this guy does not age! Also the actress who played the role of Banu, yes guys she was called Banu and I was getting nightmares the first time I watched it thinking someone like that might just turn up in my life lol. Anyways Padmapriya reminds me alot of boomika who playes in Sil indru oru kadhal.

So if you are after a thriller, mind twisted movie then this is for you.

And this is just a few of the movies that I always enjoy watching and recommend others to watch if they are after a good movie, but bare in mind I am such a movie bug, always on a hunt to find new good movies as well as going through some classic movies from the 80’s and 90’s. You will be surprised on the amount of films released these days are at most a copy of movies already published in the 90’s. I guess to create a story and plot from scratch is hard. Anyways hope you guys enjoyed reading my blog as much fun it was for me to share my thoughts with you guys.

Thank you guys and till next time Love Banu X


Q&A from #SocialMedia

Hello guys!

So a few days back I asked on my social medias to ask away questions so I can record a Q&A video for my Youtube Channel. Me being the lazy blob, I still have not done it, yet I didn’t want to let those who actually took time to ask waste their time there for thought to blog instead. Thanks to everyone who did ask and sorry for not answering any, am trying my best to answer as many as possible.

(Currently listening to Bombay Jayashree playlist) 🙂


@diviis_66 : What Inspired you to start doing Youtube Videos?

To be honestI created my very first channel good in 2009, And the type on content I was uploading was dance videos and mini song covers just for the fun of it. But then I lost the touch. In 2012 I created another account which is Aishu B which is my current Channel and I started vlogging and uploading Tag videos. I really enjoy recording and editing, whether people watch them or not is another thing. I find it very therapeutic. I also find it as a challenge and I love looking back at my videos its like watching through a memory lane. So ye, there isn’t an actual person who inspired me to start, other then I just wanted to try and just love it really.


@_maanusha: If you had to choose a name for a girl what would it be. Can you do a Tamil nae and then a English name.  

I think I have mentioned about picking baby names in one of my tag videos but anyways so if its an English girl name then I would pick the name “June” and the name ”Elavarasi” for a Tamil girl name 🙂


@shaminikanthan: What inspired you to act?

I have always been interested in movies from a very young age. My parents took me to the cinemas at the age of 3 to watch Baasha by Rajinikanth so I guess that answers why I have so much love for him. But ye, I have been always watching a lot of movies from such a very young age, and growing up as the only child I had to find a way to entertain myself lol I used to dress up as a character from a movie and pretend am the actual character and try my best to actual be the character. My mother knew I had great love for acting and I persuaded her to take me for an audition for an Acting school in London and surprisingly I got through! In high school I took drama GCSE’s and it was one of the subjects that actually wanted me to go into school.

But my Dad was never a huge fan, he wasn’t happy on me taking Drama or acting as a career choice, worried I might not get in or stop me from getting married like major Tamil parents, even though it broke my heart I had to put it all to the side, bare in mind at this time period there was no such thing as social media other than Bebo, Hi5 and MSN. moving on time my career choice changed however with Social Media I was able to share Musically and Dubsmash’s which triggered my heart to try out acting again, where I have been getting great feedback and supportive comments which has wanted me to try out auditioning so ye here I am today as an aspired Actor.


@musicqmuse: Unge dubsmash lam semma if you get a chance to act in a movie would you act?

I would love to and I have been asked to act several times in Kollywood. But it all falls under what character role and the story line of the movie.


@mycafe101: When did you start dancing and how did you start? Did you go to any classes? 

I have always been the type to dance in front of the tv and in my room from a very young age 😀

I professionally started learning Bharathanatyam from Smt. Shanthi Thayaparam from 2001. No I have not done my arrangetram. The reason why I haven’t done it yet, is purely because I didn’t want to rush it, and I have actually decided to start rehearsals with my teacher to work towards my arrangetram. Which will be a lot of hard work.

I started learning Bollywood and Street/ Hip hop in College (2009) which helped me open my eyes to a variety of other styles, which gave me the first opportunity to choreography Kings of Gaana for Queen Mary University. And to be honest that was my first step which has later made me travel and perform around Europe and also got to collaborate and meet many great dancers across the world 🙂


Okay guys that’ all for now hope you guys enjoyed this little Q&A session where I got to answer some of your questions.


Lots of Love Banu ♥

10 things you didn’t know about me

Hey guys came across this cool tag online, and wanted to get on my pc and share with you all 10 things you didn’t know about me. Enjoy!


  1. I used to suck on my two middle fingers from the day I was born till 16. My mum used to try everything to make me stop the habit. From wrapping my fingers in sellotape to putting chili powder and horrible oils on my hands, but nothing really worked. Until I started getting acrylic nails. You are probably wondering how right. like this:
  2. I have a huge family, and no I am not even exaggerating. I have over 24 aunts an uncles from both my mum and dad’s side. Yes they have that many siblings so you can imagine how many first cousins I have 😀 Hence why my mum stopped trying for more babies after having me, because she grew up in a huge family. To be honest I don’t feel lonely since I always have family over.
  3. Those around me know that I talk to myself a lot. I mean A lot. I legit have a full on conversation with myself, especially when I clean my house.
  4. I like squished avocado with milk and sugar, its a very strange taste but I like it. I can’t stand avocados any other ways. Avocado Milkshake
  5. Everyone from my mum side are very loud. They sit down and worry sometimes feeling sorry for my future husband and his family 😀 But my dad’s side is the opposite, they are all very quite, well most of them anyway.
  6. I have been planning my wedding from outfit, and wedding decor from 2015. Nope, I am not engaged nor do I have a boyfriend lol. Lets just say I have been obsessed with weddings from a very young age. My whole family always been supportive about gets excited with my marriage which no where near time haha.
  7. Even though I love food, I don’t like ordering new dishes when I go out to eat, in case I don’t like it. I know that sucks. But I tend to try making different dishes at home, I guess this makes up for it.
  8. I dance at home everyday. whether its font of the mirror or in the bathroom, not a day without dancing.
  9. I don’t trust anyone fully. Family, friend or stranger. No one I trust fully other than myself. I used to be the opposite, but I guess you learn from your mistakes.
  10. I have gone through a lot from a very young age, moving country to country was not easy. Learning three different languages one after the other. New friends to no friends. From break ups to makeups. Through dark times and good times. biggest lesson learned was to Love myself and believe in myself. and that’s one thing I preach to everyone. To believe in yourself.


xXLove Banu Xx

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Sorry not sorry..

It has been a while hasnt it since I have been on here. To be honest it’s lack of motivation and pure laziness, no need to make up excuses. 

I have been all over emotionally, and lets say physically too. 

I’ll talk through the physical part in another post. For now thought I’ll share whats really been bugging me on my mind. 


Yep that’s right. I kept a list of things lets say a “life to do list”, certain things I wanted to get done by 25 and now that I am few months away I feel disappointed that I am no where near them goals. Its not fair to be disappointed in myself nor push myself too much, but who else can I blame. Walked through so much in life some things that I can openly talk about to things I don’t want to even bring to front of my mind. Am I happy where I am now yes! Would I have expected to be where I am after taking certain paths, nope; not a chance. All I know is No matter how many times I fall or people push me down a huge mountain, I learned how to climb back up and I know this might sound ever so confusing or let alone random. But it made a lot of sense to me. To keep going. 
Good night X 

Boxing Day🎁🛍

This is why I always say not to plan or get over excited about anything, because if it doesn’t go according to plan you get disappointed. Yep, with an extrem excitement I went to sleep last night about Boxing Day today. Lets say the waking up at 7:30am went according to plan its only everything after that didn’t so.

Mother woke up late, she took time to get ready, she spilt her tea on the floor (extra 10mins wasted cleaning the floor), TFL trains not in service till 29th, ridiculous queues outside the main clothing stores, food court was so packed, bubble tea wasted 26 mins in the line, they didn’t have what I liked or even if they did not in my size😒, non stop walking, shoulers hurting from carrying shopping all day not to forget the heat inside the Westfield shopping centre. Having said that I had a fun with the Mother ☺️ 

Hope you all had a very good Christmas and Happy Holidays ☺️❤️ 


September haul (makeup) 💄💋 part one

This month I have been splashing a tiny winy bit more than I usually would. Ended up getting few unnecessary products as well as some new favs. 

I love my spices in general but this morocon spice and soft lily spray from Superdrugs is BOMB! Such a bargain as well, which makes it great. It was under a £1! And  for it’s price usual deodorants would fade in couple of hours, unlike this one would actually last longer surprisingly. 

This super sizes ultra bronzer by Makeup Revolution, turned out much darker than I expected by looking at the packaging. I guess I’ll have to just put it in my makeup kit, since its too dark for me. I love the texture, its a shame its not my shade. Love the packaging, simple. It has a light scent to it as well. 

MUA: luxe shade Blaze 

Since the metalic lip kits are in trend. I wanted to know what the whole hype was about. I came across this hot redish burgundy metalic lipgloss. Love the pigmentation. I had it on a whole night only had to top up the middle of my lips other than that it was great. 


I tend to purchase alot of dark lipwear but don’t actually wear it out, always have this gut feeling “is it too dark” but alot of my snappers have been complimenting on dark makeup looks i have previously created and makes me think outside the box maybe it’s ok. 

I personally am in love with matte lipstick, I think they are hot, easy to wear all day. The purple tonne to kiki lipstick is great in pictures. It doesnt show much in real life, however a great velvety finishing touch. 

I have plenty more purchase from this month. I shall try and post a part 2 later soon.

Who doesn’t love to dress up 💁🏻

*no filter

Since it’s Sunday and my family who came yesterday finally left. I thought there’s nothing better to do then to dress up. I miss going ott with my makeup like I used to so often. I wanted glittery eyes to pop, so went for dark blue eyes and bright strong pink lips.

Face: @lorealprouk true match foundation -golden cappuccino/ @kikomilano universal fit – neutral 100

Concealer: @maccosmetics studio finish concealer- NC42

Highlighter: @makeuprevolution radiant lights glow 

Lips: @rimmellondonus 360 as you want victoria 

Lashes: @hudabeauty 

May favourites 💄beauty related💋

I feel like May had me try out most different branded products on my skin then I would of ever tried in my entire life. I got paid bonus at work meaning splashing it on Makeup ofcourse 🙈 I got some really great products from brands such as L’OREAL, MAC, INGLOT, KIKO, MUA etc.

I have tried many concelears such as the Maybeline Perfect & Cover Concealer, MAC studio finish concealer etc; did a great job but would bring creases under my eye. Which is am sure the last thing us girls want to see. 

Inglot has become one of my favourite makeup stores to shop from, the products are not too expensive and love the customer service. I tried this cream concesler in Shade 70 on my face by one of the makeup assistant and it felt so light and as if the dark eye circles didn’t even exsist, completly gone! And I walked away with 2 of them 🙈 

To go with this light concealer my absolute fav/ everyday use foudation is the True Match Super-Blendable Foundation in shade: Golden Cappuccino. 

It feels super light and buildable. Great for everyday use. Once again had to stock up and with the great Superdrugs deals they do in store with buy 2 get 1 free deals, I walked away with 3 😁

I have an obsession with linned lips and nude/ brown and dark tone lipwear. L.A. COLORS are super cheap! £1.10 per lipstick 😍

The shades I’ve been wearing the whole of May were MATTE MOCHA & MATTE MAROON. 

Would defo recommend you ladies to walk into your nearest Beauty Base Store and try out the L.A COLORS lip range. 

And that’s all of my May favourites. Thanks for joining me here and hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did sharing my thoughts ☺️ have a good Monday beauties X 

Dance till you drop they say..

And like the title says we danced till our on fleek makeup somehow turned to Shrek lookalike. It was only last night Gurpreet and I realised how not so often we go out. After the Dj spinning the second track we were out of breath as if we ran 6 laps! The place we went to was called Bar Rumba in Piccadily Circus and it was a pretty decent place and wouldn’t mind going there again. The drinks were affordable and so was the entry, well it would of have been free if you go in before 11pm but we only got there around 11:30pm so tickets were £10 per person. 

We came across many international travellers. A canadian guy at the first and then two Americans who stuck by till the end. 

We planned to go to this place since we hate the music in most places these days, they hardly ever play real 90’s oldschool music and I only listen to oldschool tracks. Gurpreet actually found this place online and it stated on their page pure oldchool music, well they did play most bate 90’s as well as new tracks of the chart. 

My feet were killining by the end of the night! And promised myself no more heels! Seriously kills yours feet, well mine anyway. I seriously don’t get how girls can dance in heels and so often! They need a round of applause. 

The staffs at the bar and bouncers/ security had such positive energy and super nice ☺️

We somehow stopped by the casino but walked out since we were craving McDonalds. 

Am getting the hang of blogging again, and alot of my snapers and Instagramers have been requesting me to blog more often in various topics and even asking me to vlog on youtube🤔 let me know on what you want to see me vlog or blog about 🙂 
Till text time 💋